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Meet Crystal

Crystal Jacob is a dedicated Nurse Practitioner with a passion for empowering women and enhancing aesthetic experiences. Holding a Master of Nursing in the Nurse Practitioner all ages stream from the University of Alberta, Crystal's journey began in critical care nursing at the University of New Brunswick, specializing in surgical and cardiovascular ICU settings. Relocating to Edmonton in 2012, she continued her career in critical care nursing at the University of Alberta Hospital, leading Code Blue and Rapid Assessment Teams.

Transitioning into family practice and women's health after completing her NP program in 2015, Crystal also actively contributed to the New Canadian refugee program, embodying her commitment to vulnerable populations and women's empowerment. In 2017, she discovered her passion for aesthetic medicine, becoming a full time Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, teacher, and mentor.

Crystal's commitment to empowering others extends beyond clinical practice. She is an accomplished speaker at conferences, sharing her expertise and insights in aesthetic medicine. Additionally, Crystal serves as a clinical trainer, guiding aspiring practitioners to develop their skills and thrive in the field of aesthetics. With over 13 years of clinical expertise and 7 years in aesthetic medicine, she is dedicated to fostering confidence and empowerment in her colleagues and patients alike.